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De Klok is specialized in volume fulfilment. Everything that is characterized by numbers can be processed at competitive rates. Of course, De Klok also performs smaller fulfilment operations (marketing) and order picking. The processing of orders and smart stock management are no challenge for a business that has succeeded for over 65 years. Quality and good automation are at the base of all volume operations until the moment of delivery. And meanwhile, you maintain real-time insight and control over the entire logistics process.


Custom warehousing and inventory management are both complete services provided by De Klok Fulfilment. We receive the goods or pick them up if desired. All goods are then checked for their quantity, quality of packaging and possible damage. After this check, they are stored in our warehouse and added to our stock management system. You will automatically receive a notification when the goods are received and in order. Our advanced IT infrastructure will also keep your shop or online store updated of the remaining stock.

The advantage of De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing is that we are scalable, have access to 65.000 square meters of fixed storage and even more flexible storage. Our inventory system is capable of categorizing and storing entire, complex shipments so that these can quickly and correctly be delivered when needed, even from multiple storage locations. De Klok Fulfilment & Warehousing ensures there’s always available storage space.